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"Critical friend" coaching - we're your friend and will work hard with you to help you to be even more successful. 


But there is almost always a moment of "let's get real here".  We will tell you the things that others won't and help you to address the issues you've been avoiding.


With most clients, we meet fortnightly for about four months, focused on a particular goal. 


We also offer a membership programme for more ongoing relationships with some clients, but still with a clear goal to be achieved each four months.

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Our "Winning Teams" programme helps teams to focus on their performance.

We survey stakeholders and team members before we start, undertake psychometrics with the team members and then go through a four step programme:

  1. Self awareness and awareness of impact on others;

  2. Individual role and goals;

  3. Team goals and steps to get there; and

  4. Team rules of engagement.  

Our follow-up survey with stakeholders and team members shows a real shift in stakeholder experience, team cohesion and collaboration and goal getting.​

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Organisations recognise that their people are the only thing that really differentiates them from their competitors.  Their people are their competitive advantage, 

We work with organisations on their People Strategy.  Tightly connected to their business strategy, we help executive teams and C-suite to identify and prioritise on a few areas which will really unleash the potential of their people, driving to high performance and individual, team, customer and organisational success.

Oh and it also means better experience at work for everyone - from brand new grad through to CEO.