Sara Broadhurst is the Managing Director of Fortis Street, a performance and team development firm.  She is a graduate of Massey University in business and organisational psychology, has been a member of the executive team in commercial, publicly listed, government and not-for-profit organisations and is an experienced  executive and team coach.


"We spend a lot of time at work - so we might as well make it great.  I call myself a performance builder - in that I build environments and capability so people can perform at their best.  I get really excited and happy when I see people go from “meh” to “amazing!"

​I guess I’m kind of like the strengthening coach in a sports team, I’m all about people having the core strength they need to perform. The thing that differentiates me is in the word Fortis (Latin for "strong") – I come at challenges with strength and help your people to be strong performers too.


​I would love to work with your organisation to grow the performance of your people.  Because I know workplaces can unintentionally limit their people’s ability to be great or teams are struggling and impacting negatively on customers, business results and each other or some individuals are just lost in terms of what it would take to perform - all of these issues are going on in businesses just like yours. 

​If we fix these things together, you get more of what you really want – high performing people in a high performing organisation.  People who love coming to work at your place, customers who love what you do and a reputation of which you can be proud."


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