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No one loves your career as much as you do

For most people, their job is their principle source of income for 50 years and work is where you spend a significant amount of your life, so you might as well enjoy it. Going and getting yourself a career coach every now and again seems like a good move to me (a bit like getting a personal trainer).

I see so many people at work waiting for someone else to take control of their career. Looking for career coaching from their manager. Here's a secret - most managers don't know how to do career coaching and feel awkward when organisations ask them to do it. You might be looking for recruitment or search agents to find you that next amazing job but really that's just abrogating your responsibility to look after your own career.

If getting a career coach doesn't seem like the right move for you, have a read of this short article from Korn Ferry - it's got some great tips to think about as you plan your next move.

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