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Pippa the Albatross is the WFH colleague we all need right now

Over the last few days, I've been splitting my computer screen to show Pippa the Albatross on one side and my work on the other. From this experiment (of one), I can confidently say that Pippa is the WFH colleague we all need right now and you should go and check her out immediately. And here are some very compelling reasons why:

1. Make sure your sound is turned on. The wind coursing around the hilly outcrop that Pippa is nesting on makes for some outstanding white noise. Perfect for either masking the reality that you are all alone in your house (cue extrovert sob) or for masking the sound of your other WFH colleagues (partners, kids, parents, neighbours) doing extremely distracting things.

2. Pippa is very calm and a great listener. If you're not quite sure how to solve that work problem, have a chat to Pippa. She doesn't interrupt or tell you what to do, she just listens and gives you time to reflect. Although, full disclosure, she has turned her back on me a couple of times, which I am taking as feedback. Hope the same doesn't happen to you.

3. Pippa spends a lot of time looking at that view. And what a view it is! It's a reminder to us of perspective. The world is bigger than what is happening to us humans right now and it's a pretty amazing place. Pippa is growing her strength for the challenges in her future and so are we. If you're feeling "covid-anxiety" (it's a thing), sit alongside Pippa for a few minutes and check out that view.

You can spend a few minutes with Pippa here.

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