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"Thanks" isn't enough

If you want to help others to be successful, simple praise isn't enough. We all appreciate a "thanks", it makes us feel perky for a moment before we go on with our day.

However, if you really want to help someone to be successful, get "TASTY" in your head (Thanks And Specific Tasks - Yes!) (The mnemonic might need a bit of work...)

So instead of "good work in that meeting", try "Good work in that meeting. You did a good job handling that conflict. They could see you were hearing them and trying to find common ground."

It's obvious, right? I'm more likely to do a specific something again if I know others see it and acknowledge it. We're all pack animals, we want to know the things that others see us being good at, so we can do them again.

Oh and there's science behind why it works - check it out.

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