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What are you doing with your commute time?

Now that lockdown's back... let's get very conscious about what we're doing with that hour a day (or more) that we generally spend on buses, bikes, ferries or in cars or trains going to and from work.

That means lockdown offers us a moment of intervention - time to pause, step back and think about how we are spending that time we normally spend in traffic. If we don't take that opportunity, it will be all too easy to just be tap, tap, tapping away at our computers an extra hour (and the rest) a day.

Here's a super quick exercise to decide what you want to do with that extra hour in your day and to hold yourself to account. Grab a post-it note and ask yourself:

  1. What's one simple thing you would like to achieve in Lockdown? (Don't overcomplicate it, we gain momentum by seeing ourselves progress in small steps)

  2. What's your timeframe? (Is it daily, weekly, by the end of level 3...)

  3. What's one thing you will stop doing? (We've written this for you "I'll stop commuting for an hour a day").

  4. What's one thing you will start doing? (Again, keep it simple and achievable - we grow trust in ourselves by keeping our promises to ourselves).

  5. Write down the commitments you've made in the first four steps. On a post-it note is good as you can move it around the house with you.

  6. Repeat to yourself morning and night (and more frequently during the day too - it should become your little mantra).

Go on, give it a try. It's likely we will see more lockdowns, so it's worth finding a tool that means you can be high performing, no matter the circumstances!

(Adapted from the goal-setting work of Napolean Hill).

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