• Sara Broadhurst

In order to be an expert at something, we have to go through the agonies, embarrassments and awkwardness of being a beginner.

As you get better, more time is spent in ease, comfort and confidence.

Many of us get blocked at the first challenge - "oh I don't have time for that anyway" or "it's just not one of those things I'm good at." instead of recognising actually "I hate that I don't know what I'm doing in every situation."

One way to help yourself stick with learning a new skill is to VALUE the trips and missteps. Each time you trip, that's one step closer to expertise. Each time you make a mis-step, you've learned something new to get yourself back on track. Each stumble is an opportunity to think about what you've learned and how you might approach that differently next time.

Each mistake gets you closer to that black belt.

  • Sara Broadhurst

How are those New Year's resolutions *cough* intentions going? Like most people, they probably went great for the first week and now you're back at work, they are starting to drift away.

First things first, don't beat yourself up. This is normal for most people.

Secondly, there's almost certainly a really simple trick you're missing. Check out this article for different things to try in order to make that journey an ongoing one. There will be one there that resonates for you.

20/20 - it's your year!

  • Sara Broadhurst

Part of the joy of working is that (in the main) we don't get to choose the people we hang out with every day.

If you've got someone in your workplace who is a bit "interesting" and you're not quite sure why their behaviour seems a tad off, check out this interesting article about the three attitudes you are most likely to see from your "interesting" folk.