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Want to be a great leader?

But waiting on your employer to provide you with the training, to read that book, to get you that project... Here's a really simple way to take ownership of your leadership today:

2. Ask your team to rate you on the ten attributes (and if you don't have a team yet, pick some colleagues, leaders are at all levels in an organisation);

3. Reflect on the feedback;

4. Pick one attribute (yes, just one);

5. Get a coach (it doesn't have to be someone you pay, just someone you respect);

6. Tell your team that you are going to work on that attribute for the next three months (this is key - if you just start acting differently, they're going to wonder what's going on. Openness and vulnerability builds trust);

7. Ask them to tell you, in the moment, when you're doing it well AND not so well;

8. Feedback, feedback, feedback, coaching, coaching, coaching;

9. Adjust;

10. Embed; and

11.Go back to number one.

We're all constantly learning,

focus on something that will make a difference.

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