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There are three main ways to work with Fortis Street. We offer Coaching, Team & Culture Reviews, and

in-house Interim CPO.

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Meeting at the office

Service one:


We coach Individuals 1:1 at all levels of an organisation.

Sara's point of difference from other coaches is that she has worked in executive teams for over 15 years.  She has lived the experience of working with the CEO, Board and Executive team, in a broad range of industries.

In addition, she has a Master in Psychology, with extensive training in and understanding of human behaviour and motivation.  

At Fortis Street we love:

Service two:

Team & Culture Reviews

We do Culture Audits, bespoke to your team and organisation.

These enable teams and organisations to understand how people are experiencing work, what's really happening that is helping or hurting the team, what to leverage for success and what to change for growth.  We work with the team for solutions that they commit to and coach them to great performance outcomes.

Board Meeting

Service three:

Interim CPO

Sara comes in-house.

Sara comes in-house, typically as the Interim Chief People Officer, to keep the momentum going.  Most often, this is inbetween permanent appointments, working with the Board and Executive Team for governance confidence and progress.  We build People Strategies for the whole business and support and enable momentum and direction for the People and Culture team and plans.

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